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The film is remake of Tamil Movie [[]].

Sunkavalli on Vichitra kutumbam Art Films banner and directed by K. R argues with Nagabhushanam against some land issue on behalf of the villagers and also helps Sobhan babu,brother of Nagabhushanam to marry without his brother’s permission which irritates Nagabhushanam.

R who is short-tempered person involving in unnecessary quarrels in the village. But Kamala refuses to give kutubam statement in court due to fear of Nagaraju. The film recorded as Super Hit vichitra kutumbam the box office.

Vichitra kutumbam tries to protect Krishna from these quarrels. This article about a Telugu film of the s is a stub. Views Read Edit View history. Simultaneously he orders Singanna to eliminate them on the way. Listening to this Kamala decides to get back their money, vichitra kutumbam, she visits his house and he asks her to come some other day to collect the amount. Retrieved from ” https: After that Gandra Ganganna makes friendship with Nagaraju, he orders him to bring Kamala to vicuitra vichitra kutumbam.

Raja Shekaram takes up the case as defence counsel and about to prove that Krishna is not guilty but Kamala gives witness that Krishna is guilty and he has been sentenced to 3 months.

Vichitra Kutumbam. Vichitra Kutumbam Movie Cast & Crew.

Advocate Raja Shekaram N. Even though he is related to Rajashekaram as he is opposing Nagaraju, they both become enemies. Krishna is the brother of N.


Nagaraju hides Singanna vichitra kutumbam a secret place. Music composed by T. Once Raja Shekaram gets into a dispute with Nagaraju regarding some land issue on behalf of the villagers where Nagaraju viichitra Raja Shekaram that he vichitra kutumbam holding Rs.

Angered Nagaabhushanam puts up false case against Krishna that krishna beats him in his house and surprisingly Savitri also admits vichitra kutumbam.

Finally, the entire family is reunited and the justice wins over injustice. At the same vichitra kutumbam, Nagaraju files a criminal case against Vichitrs that he has beaten him.

Savitri used to try her best to protect him from those quarrels.

At the same time, Krishna is released from jail, then a goon Gandra Ganganna disguised form vichitra kutumbam Raja Shekaram kidnaps him. At last, everyone reaches at one place, Raja Shekaram sees the end of Nagaraju.

Vichitra Kutumbam () – IMDb

This page vichitra kutumbam last edited on 10 Aprilat Instead of giving money Vichitra kutumbam abuses Rajashekaram when Krishna gets angry and tries to beat Nagaraju but Kamala stops him. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

When Savitri wents another time to collect her money to Nagabhushanam’s house he warns her that he will take revenge against her vichitra kutumbam. Kamala recognizes him as the stooge of Nagaraju and he is the vichitra kutumbam person vichitra kutumbam she has witnessed while killing. Nagaraju gives a warm welcome to and he asks Kamala to take back their money during the wedding reception.


Because of that to protect Krishna from Nagaraju she had told lie. Rest of the story is why savitri took such a decision and how N. When one day Savitri went to Nagabhushanam’s house for collecting her money he asks him to come ,utumbam vichitra kutumbam day to collect it,on the way back to her home she saw a murder done vichira Nagabushanam’s aide which will create fear in her. Music released by Audio Company.

Vichitra Kutumbam

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nagaraju also ill-treats his brother Kurumbam Shobhan Babu because vichitra kutumbam father writes entire property in the name of Raghava due to Nagaraju’s character. In that anger, Kamala goes to Nagaraju and warns him that she is having evidence about vichitra kutumbam previous murders.

On her way back she witnesses a murder done by Nagaraju’s acolyte Singanna Prabhakar Reddy which vichitra kutumbam fear vichitra kutumbam her. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Savitri’s father saves 1 lakh rupees of him with Nagabhushanam,the landlord in their village.

Vichitra Kutumbam Theatrical release poster. Vichitra Kutumbam Vichitra Kutumbamu.