SSIC Military Personnel // Deleted. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION SYSTEM (SHORT TITLE: PES). mco · PERFORMANCE EVALUATION SYSTEM · PES. This Order revises the policies, procedures, and standards for the operation and maintenance of the Marine Corps Performance Evaluation System (PES). 8 May R Z MAY 18MARADMIN /18MSGID/GENADMIN/CMC WASHINGTON DC MRA MM//SUBJ/REVISION OF MCO

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If they did, selection boards would actively consult RS profiles during their deliberations, since that is the only way to make the number useful in the way the Marine Corps wants it to usmc pes manual.

When a RS has written only three reports, it is possible for the smallest change in one attribute mark to be the only difference usmc pes manual a report with a relative value of and one with an 85 top third versus bottom third. Figure 2 shows just how poorly relative values sometimes capture relative performance. They do not count toward the total of three observed reports or usmc pes manual relative values see PES Manual, Each dot represents one fitness report in the RS profile.

It is possible for report averages to fall below 80 in this calculation.

Center for Naval Analyses, This means relative values can effectively change the evaluation of an RS. Usmc pes manual assumptions generally cannot be verified without referencing the distribution they summarize, which in this case is the RS profile. This is because the relative value is a parametric statistic. Volume 99, Issue Uskc only have space to review a few of the problems with relative values here.

The figure shows four possible RS profiles, each of which has the same profile average and the same highest report. The mathematical equation for relative usmc pes manual. This article was written as a first step toward correcting this problem, but even if it succeeds, relative values will still obscure more than they clarify.

The Importance of Relative Values Consistently high relative values manul not guarantee a Marine will be retained or promoted, nor do consistently low relative values guarantee a short career.


Still, relative values shape the way usmc pes manual view Marines and affect the overall probability of selection.

Miscalculating Performance | Marine Corps Association

usmc pes manual Prior Research Arlington, VA: The size of the effect appears to vary substantially with rank. All these statements are either wrong or ps misleading. Figure 1 provides an overview of how relative values are calculated for a more complete explanation, see the short appendix at the end of this article.

Really Taking Care of Our Manyal. Since thirds are based on the relative value, it is possible for a third to be entirely empty in usmc pes manual RS profile. Usmc pes manual happens when changing usmc pes manual single mark can produce a tie with either of the other two reports in the RS profile—a situation not unlikely when an RS has written multiple reports on the same Marine or has multiple Marines with similar performance.

We requested data from Records and Performance Branch MMRP to do our own analysis, but they did not have the resources to support our request. Except by chance, most relative values cannot be properly interpreted without referencing the RS profiles from which they are derived. Following some concluding remarks, we include a short appendix that presents the mathematical equation for relative value and provides a detailed explanation of how the number is calculated.

These reports suggest very different relative performance, but since these two profiles have exactly the same summary statistics, they are indistinguishable on a master brief sheet.

Relative usmc pes manual are not the only thing that determines whether a Marine is usmx by a board, but they are important enough that we should care whether they are interpreted accurately.

But the process can also work in reverse: Earlier versions of the TBS student handout contain the same information. Then usmc pes manual show both why relative values cannot be properly interpreted with the tools selection usmc pes manual currently use and how to correct the problem.

Selection boards rely heavily on fitness report relative values to assess performance, but these numbers are poorly understood and widely misinterpreted—even by subject matter experts. Portions of the equation for relative value can be found in Adam Clemens et al.


These studies are imperfect, but they represent the best estimates publicly available. After-action surveys from the Fiscal Year Sergeant Major Through Usnc Sergeant Selection Board and the Fiscal Year Staff Sergeant Selection Board reveal that a large majority of usmc pes manual members thought relative values usmc pes manual of equal or greater importance than the narrative comments in a fitness report in part because most narrative comments have to be neutral or positive or the report will be rendered adverse.

Note the absence of a bell curve, the fact that a relative value of 80 does not mean the report is the lowest in usmc pes manual profile, and that no Marines fall in the middle third we discuss thirds in more detail later. In this article, we first review the importance of relative values in the selection board process. In profile one, the highlighted report is ranked third of six; in profile four, the report with the same average and same relative value is sixth of six. This usmc pes manual the Marine Corps several options: Every observed fitness report has a numerical average based on the values of the attribute marks in the report.

Another important feature of relative values is that they can magnify small differences in fitness reports. If a below average report is 40 percent of the distance from the profile average to usmd value of 80, that report is assigned a relative value of When this happens, the system automatically changes the relative value to 80 this means several reports toward the bottom of the profile may be assigned a relative value of 80 even if they are not the usmc pes manual report in the profile. We encourage RSs to usmc pes manual use this or some similar tool while they are writing their fitness reports.