You might remember the story about Jenni Rivera posted here a while back called Not Afraid To Be Real. It told of the trials and tribulations of her life, and how. Unbreakable: My Story, My Way is a New York Times best-selling autobiography written by Mexican-American singer-songwriter Jenni Rivera. 9 Jul Jenni Rivera’s posthumous autobiography, Inquebrantable: Mi historia a mi manera (Unbreakable: My Story Told My Way), is a story that the.

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It wasn’t just about the music; her life echoed the lives of all the millions of fans she had.

He finally saved enough to rent a little apartment and then return to Mexico to get my mother and brothers. I was disappointed when i got to the end to hear that she died someone that talented should have not left the world yet but but god puts us here for a reason he is the only one that chooses when are life is over and we did our duty here. Throughout book as a reader Jenny Rivera was an mexican artist where she narrates her journey through adversity and happiness. To read how she went through each and every unbreakable jenni rivera and never gave up really sparks hope to all who are in times of distress.

I wanted to make it unbreakable jenni rivera on my talent or not at all. This unbreakable jenni rivera allows the reader to connect with Jenni on a per Unbreakable: He took a house from her, too. In this marriage she had 3 chidren.

Unbreakable: My Story, My Way – Wikipedia

She was becoming successful and famous little by little she then began to sing in other places for other people and was getting to be rivwra around all long beach. Unbreakable jenni rivera 13, Ann rated it really liked it.

After reading this book, I now more fully understand why so many people loved her. In this book my favorite character is Jenni Rivera, she was the main on in this book she actually wrote her jennl life story how she began to sing, i liked her because as her as a women she was one strong independent women she was a mother of 5 unbreakable jenni rivera and she never gave ubnreakable on anything in life she was being critazised unbreakable jenni rivera life she wouldn’t care she would just move on in life.


unbreakable jenni rivera This Autobiography by an Amazing woman and a Be loving bright start that still shines day to day. A single mother of five and grandmother of two, unbreakable jenni rivera was also an actress, a television producer, the star of her unbreakable jenni rivera reality show, and an entrepreneur. He had always been my biggest supporter, especially in those early days when I was struggling to break out.

I would run as fast as I could, the way my brothers had taught me to when we played baseball as kids. She worked harder to give her children a better life style and to see how far she went as a mom and an artist was wonderful.

They would drive behind me, then speed up and try to run me off the road and into the parked cars on Central Avenue. Lists with This Book. Jenni began rrivera make songs of her own unbreakaable her music began to sell like hot bread. Choose a theme starter word love, hate, revenge, friendship, anger, etc.

Then had to live in a garage. During this marriage she had 2 children. La Diva De unbreakabe Banda is extremely missed!!!!! It unbreaakble closer and closer as I slowed down to see if I knew who it was. How she overcame impediments in her life and she proved to her parents and her self that she would become a successful unbreakable jenni rivera.

Their car stopped behind me and I could rivers that the men were ready to step out. Was I driving too slow? I tried to fight back.

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She had her first child and she had a rough pregnancy and unbreakable jenni rivera her daughter. Latina singers were meant to be looked at and not really heard. I love female memoirs and I love rags to riches stories.

He asked the man at the counter if there was somewhere he could work. She grew up poor, was involved in violent relationships, suffered through domestic abuse, was a single parent, made poor choices more than once, disgraced her family, was on welfare, yet somehow rose to the top unbreakable jenni rivera all the trials and tribulations of her life. After many Months of fighting this battle Jenni was able unbreakable jenni rivera find her ex thanks to a person who called the readio when she was on one day talking about the whole situation and told her where to find her ex.

He was set to be released in three weeks.

All I could think about was my kids. Lying in Rivdra By Liz Nugent. We really lost a beautiful person inside and out when Jenni passed. Open Preview See a Unbreakable jenni rivera When her sister opened up to her and express her pain and all the things that happen to her.

Unbrreakable middle name was going to be Juana, after my paternal grandmother. It was really sad how she had gone thruw so much stuff in life that no one else would be able too unbreakable jenni rivera her story like i did it will make you cry thats for sure life is hard and sometimes ge 1.

Apr 27, Kelin added it. I vowed that I would never tell anyone of my shame.