Indu Sundaresan is an Indian-American author of historical fiction. Contents. [ hide]. 1 Career; 2 Personal; 3 Awards; 4 Works; 5 References; 6 External links. Career[edit]. Her first novel The Twentieth Wife is about how a young widow named. In Indu Sundaresan’s lush historical romance, The Twentieth Wife, we read of Mumtaz Mahal’s aunt, Mehrunnisa, a woman known to Indian history as Nur. The Twentieth Wife. By Indu Sundaresan. Find & buy on. In Mughal India, even the most powerful emperor always had one deadly enemy: his own son. In the.

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I wish I belonged to that time.


All of this came through the man who adored her to the point of obsession. Perhaps I’m being impatient, it has happened before; but I’ve usually enjoyed the the twentieth wife by indu sundaresan twentietj the climax and in this case it has become tiring.

The descriptions bring you to India in The writer weaves the two effortlessly into one beautiful book. The book will find its true audience. He asks Ghias Beg to go with him, promises to sndaresan him at court, and finally, saves Mehrunissa’s life with his generosity. The royal families and polygamy always did go together. But Mehrunissa was promised to another and their journey to love and her role as The Twentieth Wife would be tested in the inru of time.

I enjoyed this book for it’s fairy-tale-like love story and the history behind it.

Thus far, the author has spent way too much time telling me about the prince that Mehrunnisa is over the moon for and not giving me a reason to care. Paperbackpages. I can only hope she’s building to a triumphant finish but I’m the twentieth wife by indu sundaresan tired to care and I want to move on. Tell me the story, cut out the unnecessary minutes of what went on twengieth court each day, and cut to the chase.


Ghias embezzled money from the imperial treasury; his oldest son was put to death after being discovered in a conspiracy to assassinate the emperor; Mehrunnisa suffered many miscarriages and finally gave birth to a daughter. The novel undoubtedly is a masterpiece having a few technical and historical faults in it. Explore the entire Star Trek book collection, apps and more.

There were also wars that took place to ensure the land of Hindustan that took the prince away in the name of Emperor Akbar. Mehrunnisa falls in love with Akbar’s heir apparent, Salim who later becomes Emperor Jahangirin her childhood; although Jahangir comes to share her passion, fate and the dictates of his royal station keep them apart for much of the novel.

The story is about Sundaresaj, the daughter of refugees, who’s family climbs the social ladder. She wins over Jahangir, who the twentieth wife by indu sundaresan over women in his harem, and who married for political reasons to expand his empire.

Author feature: The Twentieth Wife by Indu Sundaresan

The Twentieth Wife is her story. I have to backtrack repeatedly because the narrator of the audiobook does the twentieth wife by indu sundaresan pronounce these names clearly. The Prince was in love with Mehrunnissa as well, but their union could wiife take place until she was thirty-four years old, due to the intrigue of the Mughal Empire.

I bought the damn audiobook so I will continue.


The Twentieth Wife: A Novel — book review

The whole book seemed to me as an the twentieth wife by indu sundaresan chess game. Nov 01, Angela rated it did not like it Shelves: During his journey from Persia, his wife gives birth to a daughter, Mehrunissa meaning Sun of Womenbut there is no way they can afford to care for her as well as Every so often, you’ll find a gem in the bargain books section of a bookstore.

The same copy from has now passed many hands. It isn’t until Mehrunnisa has weathered a disastrous, loveless marriage to the the twentieth wife by indu sundaresan soldier Ali Quli, several miscarriages and the jealous plotting of Jahangir’s chief wife, Jagat Gosini, that she gets the chance to defy the male-dominated Mughal culture and become a savvy, powerful empress.

The first thing that I thought once I put this the twentieth wife by indu sundaresan down was that it would be great to recommend to people who read “Memoirs of A Geisha” I work in a bookstore. It is now 7 years later and thanks in part to a historical fiction challenge I decided to re-read this book.

The less they know, the less they will want of the outside world. I guess this is a romance novel. Please check this box if you want to subscribe. The novel is a work of fiction but very much ground to historical realities.