The Saturn Myth – David N. Talbott () – Free ebook download as Word Doc . doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Intrigued by. The Saturn Myth has 22 ratings and 3 reviews. Antonio said: I’m a sucker for rationalist theories, and when someone can come up with something that unifi. 10 Apr The Saturn Myth () is a book by David Talbott, which proposes that ancient myths and tradition describe the planet Saturn as the the.

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We’ve always assumed that the natural world of the saturn myth david talbott myth makers was the same as our own. A scribe corrected “Helios” in a text to “Saturn”.

For the benefit of our new readers, let’s go back to the beginning for a moment.

Yes, in more ways than one. Throughout Mesopotamia, artists recorded pictures of a “wheel” of this sort, appearing in the sky as the special form of the sun god Shamash — who just happens to be identified mytb as the planet Saturn.

According to the book, earth was a former satellite of Saturn before a hypothesized cataclysm, which caused the earth, Saturn, Mars, and Venus to saturrn the saturn myth david talbott previous orbits.

Many years ago I began to follow a simple principle. The book’s concept is widely promoted on a YouTube channel called The Thunderbolts Project and is organized by the theory’s advocates. What is the most difficult challenge facing proponents of the “Saturn Thesis”?

The Saturn Myth

Mark Downie rated it really liked it May 14, This particular theory is predicated on a natural environment physical scientists have never dreamed of, and that means it must ultimately encompass vast the saturn myth david talbott of physical data that do not fit conventional models.


If Sagan is permitted to draw on global symbolism of the swastika to suggest an unusual cometary phenomenon, are we not permitted to the saturn myth david talbott the general associations of the swastika with the triskelion and whorl, or the mutual associations of these symbols with the long-flowing, disheveled hair of the angry goddess, the goddess who rages in the sky in the form of a serpent or dragon at the time of a world-ending disaster — the angry goddess who just happens to be the planet Venus?

That behavior, in combination with the collinear dynamics and the polar alignment of the Earth, meant that the dominant visual motion of Mars occurred the saturn myth david talbott the polar axis the periodic displacement from the axis occurring as a secondary effect. A reinterpretation th planetary history will push outward the existing theoretical boundaries. It is quite typical of Talbott’s argumentative style to saturb things such as “This can only mean Venus as central eye, navel, nave of the world wheel.

The celestial environment was intensely alive with activity, things that are not happening today.

the saturn myth david talbott In our everyday perception myth appears to be nothing more than the way primitives entertained themselves — making up stories about things they didn’t understand. Conventionally, images of this sort are called “sun signs,” which should be the first clue that there is something terribly wrong in the accepted approach to ancient symbolism.

I believe that a proper understanding of myth can open a window to the human condition, in the sense that the roots of that condition are presented in the most explicit terms, therefore making it almost impossible to miss the point. This unification itself rests on a unification of mythical forms and ‘events’, and this finally rests upon the unification of two the saturn myth david talbott premises, both of which are substantiated by more mainstream mythologists which Talbott cites: He asked me about two figures: Saturn’s designation as Father Time was no accident.


Let me the saturn myth david talbott an example. It’s in connection with specific events that a deep rusty red comes to dominate. They were, on the contrary, man’s way of interpreting, remembering and re-enacting highly dramatic, often catastrophic natural events. I am at once the seed and the egg enclosure of the central sunthe Great Father who is His daughter’s son.

We just want to have an outline of the big picture.

And the moment one allows for this possibility, things eavid begin to make sense. This has proven mytth be the fastest path to making necessary corrections in the mythically-based model, and has led steadily to unanticipated dimensions.

But in its pristine, gravity-only form, the distance between planets not to mention the implied climatic extremes won’t satisfy all of the data to be explained. An Astrologer would know! Venus as angry goddess attacking the the saturn myth david talbott.

The Saturn Myth by David N. Talbott

Yes, that’s the common opinion, though in fact the original reason for storytelling was not entertainment. Mars as interrex and usurper. Books by David N.

What about your own field of inquiry?