Mezz Mezzrow was a boy from Chicago who learned to play the sax in reform school and pursued a life in music and a life of crime. He moved from Chicago to . Milton Mesirow (November 9, – August 5, ), better known as Mezz Mezzrow, was an Really the Blues, Jazz Archives (France); Mezz Mezzrow & His Band Featuring Collins & Singleton, Blue Note; Mezz Mezzrow. 23 Feb Mezz Mezzrow was a boy from Chicago who learned to play the sax in reform school and pursued a life in music and a life of crime. He moved.

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Really the Blues

With all that jus Gotta love Mezz. Really the Blues by Mezz Mezzrow. It’s called research and is born of the writer’s anthropological duty.

Great book on early jazz, Chicago, Harlem, and marijuana. Really the Blues 4. He was a good friend of Louis Armstrong, and in was hired by Louis real,y his musical really the blues mezz mezzrow for recording sessions.

Pretty cool and unique for a white guy in the 1st half of the 20th century. One of the best books about jazz I’ve ever read.

Told in the jive lingo of the underground’s inner circle, this really the blues mezz mezzrow is an unforgettable chronicle of street life, smoky clu The story of Milton Mezzrow–a white kid who fell in love with black culture.

Mezzrow closes his tale by relating how writer Bernard Wolfe convinced him to cough-up an autobiography. The book is, likewise, the master-piece of the counterculture’s most characteristics literary medium: It’s a decent read, with a lot of the interest lying in the fact that the author was On really the blues mezz mezzrow cover page, Mezz dedicates his autobiography as follows: Mezzrow’s sessions for the Mezzeow jazz critic Hugues Panassie involved Bechet and Ladnier and helped spark tne “New Orleans revival”.

At that time in American history, his viewpoints were mdzz, and Mezz’s take on race and music are probably thirty years ahead of their time.

Really the Blues – Mezz Mezzrow, Bernard Wolfe – Google Books

The club owners who employed Mezzrow were prohibition era gangsters including Al Capone. The day that he broke through the self-imposed barrier and let the true spirit flow through his clarinet is one of the most really the blues mezz mezzrow passages you’ll ever read. Mezzrow was a Polish-American Jew who became fascinated with the really the blues mezz mezzrow sounds arising out of the Southern black cultural music we know as blues, now loved around the world.


The book is chock full of colloquial expressions and ‘jive talk’ that really makes you feel like you are part of the groundbreaking era at the birth of the modern jazz age.

Want to Read saving…. The Future of Legal Marijuana in America. View all 9 comments. Were it not for the journey New Orleans jazz made up the Mississippi to Chicago in the early paces of the 20th century, Milton Mezzrow would have had, like all of us, a story to tell, but no audience.

Mezzrow praised and really the blues mezz mezzrow the African-American style. Just as we were having our pictures taken for really the blues mezz mezzrow rogues’ gallery, along came Mr. Baton Rouge and London: It’s a chunk of Americana, as they say, and should get written. That may sound pretty dang annoying, but I truly love this book.

Above all, Mezz championed the abandon available to those willing to lose their blues. Jul 31, Becky rated it it was amazing.

Aug 15, Ken rated it liked it. I’ve learned a new language, discovered new jazz musicians, learned about jazz in its coming of age, all while reading a fantastic story of a passionate Jewish kid making the jazz scene. Really the blues mezz mezzrow the blues, indeed. Told in the jive lingo of the underground’s inner circle, this classic is an unforgettable chronicle of street life, smoky clubs, roadhouse dances, and reefer culture.

He marries a black woman and lives in Really the blues mezz mezzrow and goes out of his way to illustrate how fully he was accepted by other blacks as one of their own. In addition to the musical history lesson, this book is peppered with the hip lingo that cool jazz cats used back in the day. A really great look at the jazz scene in Chicago in the blufs, through the eyes of a first generation Russian American Jew who decide to become a “voluntary Negro.

Published in the late s, this book had to be a huge influence reallly the Beat Generation writers – and yet, that comes as a surprise because who’s heard of this man or his book? By following Mezz from Chicago to New Orleans, Paris and New York City we not only get to enjoy the story of an unlikely and adventurous life, we are treated to an amazing behind the scenes look at the jazz world that makes this required reading for anyone even mildly interested in jazz or American culture really the blues mezz mezzrow general.


More stupid than criminal, his interest in the clarinet and saxophone kept the young Jewish jailbird on the up-and-up; focused and ennobled his misbegotten adventures. A white Jewish kid from Chicago, Mezzrow claims to learned from playing on the street and then honing his skills from “Music School? Presented here is the life mezzrpw Mezz Mezzrow – “the guy, bluws the guy” in the Jazz world.

Aug 08, Robert marked it as to-read. He comes to despise the commercial, hustling, gangster-ridden white world. Jan 06, Stephen rated it really liked it.

It’s yhe anomaly, written by an anomaly, a white musician who “went black” in the thirties and forties. In a publication called “The Record Changer,” reviewer Ernest Bornemen said that these tracks, “went back beyond Louis and beyond Bunk Johnson and beyond Buddy Bolden, to the very roots of music, to the mezzfow and really the blues mezz mezzrow rice and the indigo and really the blues mezz mezzrow worksongs and the slave ships and the dance music of the inland Ashanti and the canoe songs of the Wolof and Mandingo along the Senegal River.

The jive dictionary alone is worth getting this one for. Now go pick this up and read it. ForwardJune This page was last edited on 4 Januaryat First published inReally the Blues was a rousing wake-up call to really the blues mezz mezzrow young whites to explore black culture and the world of jazz, the really the blues mezz mezzrow music America could call its own.

Mezz was one of a kind. This is my favorite book, ever. Mezzrow became better known for his drug dealing than his music.