Tubor also told us that the Montauk Project employed Sirian technology. . Montauk: The Alien Connection reveals the most amazing story yet to surface in the. Buy a cheap copy of Montauk: The Alien Connection (Montauk) book by Stewart Swerdlow. Reveals the most amazing story yet to surface in the area of alien. Reveals the most amazing story yet to surface in the area of alien abduction. This is an autobiographical and factual account from Swerdlow, a gifted mentalist.

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So, are you a mind-control candidate for sinister forces? Your emotions are in control. The ideal is to find a happy medium, or balance, between victim and oppressor. Coming from the planet Khoom in the binary Sirius star system, his people were descendents of non-physical beings who inhabited tbe, a region of consciousness existing outside of linear time and space. After suffering alien abductions and government manipulations, Stewart met Nichols and discovered his montauk the alien connection role in time travel experiments, known Reveals montauk the alien connection most amazing story yet to surface montauk the alien connection the area of alien abduction.

Jeremy Mnotauk rated it really liked it Mar 13, The grey said that his race also looked human until war contaminated their environment, genetically degenerating them. But when this must happen, it must be done in an objective manner what is best for everyone involved to get the point across while causing the least amount of pain. A strange turn of events, but one that portends the coming of the Messiah for the Jews.


I was originally sent to Earth by the Ohalu Council who directed the Sirians on the creation of my physical body. Future hardships and sadness would condition me for my mission.


Everything in moderation is acceptable, but when something takes over your life to the degree allen it controls you, montauk the alien connection create a mind-pattern that says “outside forces can and do control me. They can mould and bend you like clay to create the person that they need for their own purposes.

He had large montauk the alien connection ears, a long pointed nose, and big, blue almond-shaped eyes. This physical reality is your chance to overcome it. Return to Book Page.

I really enjoy the mystery. Release yourself from this mind-pattern so that you can move into new vistas of growth – ones so vast that you cannot even imagine or comprehend them. The Sirians were independent and considered to be the merchants of the universe.

Andrew T rated it it was amazing Jun 08, The Alien Connection by Stewart Swerdlow. Mars has a huge underground facility built by the Sirians overyears montauk the alien connection. Tubor even tried to hurt my body by hitting or twisting parts of it. It is up to montauk the alien connection to ensure that they do not enter.

Download Montauk: The Alien Connection PDF Online – Video Dailymotion

Then, you lash out at the undeserving with misdirected frustration and anger. You came here to learn now do it. Only you can move through these lessons that will allow you to make a final release of your victim mentality. Bruce Hill rated it liked it Jul 16, Therefore, any ‘higher level’ montauk the alien connection will not become involved because it is necessary for those here to have connecton opportunity to work through their victim mentalities.


The Draco, who are the invading reptilians, have bases on Venus as well as under the Earth. Certainly not a human montauk the alien connection. Although my eyes were closed, my body walked around the room as if it were wide awake. Montauk – The Alien Connection. They keep going back and redoing every part of the body until there is nothing left to redo. I knew that I was going home.

Montauk: The Alien Connection by Stewart Swerdlow

The being moved forward and smiled, telepathically welcoming me. I actually saw history from the dim past as though it was happening at that moment. The Pleiadeans have a base on a moon of Jupiter. This is basically true for montauk the alien connection I am not a political person.

Montauk: The Alien Connection

Raising my hands to shield my eyes, I realized that there were no sounds around me; in fact, there was an eerie silence all about. What was going on here?

The creature told Preston that an invasion force was on its way to Earth and that nothing could stop it.