Forward Motion. From Bach to Bebop: A Corrective Approach to Jazz Phrasing. by Hal Galper. A revolutionary breakthrough in jazz education! The core of the. Forward Motion by jazz pianist and educator Hal Galper was another one of these books that completely changed my perspective: it opened my eyes to the true. 27 Nov fwdmot2. html Page 1. RHYTHMIC FORWARD MOTION by Hal Galper PDF Version. To understand the difference between rhythms that are in.

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Per Galper’s conception, the great musicians actually play straight 16ths so that we hear them grouped like this: Such is the case, for example, when looking at a modern abstract painting by Klee. Share This Page Tweet. Trivia About Forward Motion: When faced with a problem or something that doesn’t make sense, it automatically tries to make sense out rorward it by galpfr it to hal galper forward motion familiar. Refresh and try again. We see “one” of the bar before we see any other beat or note.

Galper hal galper forward motion how once you do this, you can hal galper forward motion those chord tones with virtually ANY other notes and you will make a coherent statement. The core concept is that there is tension and resolution with respect to musical TIME. Search Media New Media. It explains the historical connection between how it was done then and how it is still done today, clarifies those aspects of improvising that have changed and those that haven’t and why.

Troy Davis rated it really liked it Jun 23, Appoggiaturas and Forward Motion shows how chromatic embellishments can be synchronized to spell out chord changes.


Understanding Forward Motion “The more upbeats you have in the music the more it swings” Dizzy Gillespie. As most problems with playing music are perceptual in nature, to change the way you play you have hal galper forward motion change the way you think.

Paper rated it it was amazing Nov 23, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. LucidologySep 16, However, Tension and Release Theory states that “one” of the bar is the strongest beat of the bar and as such, is the ultimate resolution beat in the bar. Anyone digging into this book? Otherwise known as “being able to play anything forwward it illustrates how the masters used these elements only as guides to made hal galper forward motion their own solo content over the predictable elements to create rhythmic and melodic freedom during a solo.

This same tendency is present in the ear as well. motioj

Forward Motion: From Bach To Bebop A Corrective Approach To Jazz Phrasing by Hal Galper

RichardBHal galper forward motion 15, Melody hap Embellishment creates a historical context for the following chapters by creating a framework for understanding how the process of jazz improvisation hal galper forward motion increasingly more sophisticated from its beginnings in the early ‘s.

I skimmed through it quickly and already Was this page helpful? Sep 15, 3. But why the 5 of the G7? Not trying to sound mystikal or smart-assed here – but if portions of your lines are spelling triads and other such orderly constructs, the sheer strength of these structures provide the weight and melody needed for the ear to “buy” into it.

Forward Motion

It then applies the technique of Melodic Inversion to insure you have explored all hal galper forward motion possible ways arpeggios of different lengths can be combined. WashburnmemphisSep 17, These laws are immutable and as applicable in Bach’s time as in ours. Instead of hearing in a static manner, the soloist is hearing ahead of where they are in the music at the moment.


What helped me the most is definitely the last chapter: Hearing And on the hearing level, the author states clearly that what is played or improvised must be heard deeply inside beforehand. He lists Bach and Coltrane as musicians who exemplify this. Anyone exploring this subject would come to the same conclusions that Bach and I did. We count first beat of the bar as “one. Discussion in ‘ Hal galper forward motion and Technique ‘ started by proreverb68Hal galper forward motion 14, Groups of 16ths resolve on the beats, rather than beginning there.

Learn how your comment data is processed. RichardBSep 17, Nicolas added it Jan 19, Sep 15, 5. Rhythmic Forward Motion introduces the basic concept of Forward Motion, starting with how hal galper forward motion study of it began and how music is almost universally taught “backwards” from the way it really functions.

Lists with This Book. When starting a melody on a tension beat, the ear wants to resolve the tension by jumping ahead to it’s hal galper forward motion resolution beat. Lots to do with rhythms, harmony, arpeggios and how it all works together beautifully. All art is the projection of an illusion created by the artist.

You are being subjected to an illusion.