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There are, it appears to me, occult heights in the doctrine of Christ designed by the Supreme Wisdom to counteract corresponding occult depths in the Mystery of Darkness. Our part is to provide a concrete centre round which the Divine energies can play. Our path, therefore, is plain; it is simply to contemplate the Life, Love, and Beauty of the Originating Spirit and affirm that we are already giving expression to it in our thoughts and in our actions however insignificant they may at present appear.

And, owing to the sensitiveness of the subconscious mind to suggestion– See Edinburgh Lectures, chapter V. We have taken the starting point of our thought from external facts and consequently created a repetition of facts of a similar nature, and so long as we do thpmas we must needs go on perpetuating the old circle of limitation.

To set forth to out-wit all evil by our own knowledge of its nature is to attempt a task the hopelessness of which becomes apparent when we see it in its true light. We are lrctures use our common sense and natural faculties in working upon the conditions now present. For these reasons the student should endeavour to realize more and more perfectly, both in theory and practice, the law of the relation between the Universal and the Individual Minds.

Now the only thing that droe release us from the inextricable confusion of an infinite multiplicity is the realization of levtures underlying unity, and at the back of all things we find the presence of one Great Affirmative principle without which nothing could have existence.

The spirit of a thing is that which is the source of its inherent movement, and therefore the question before us is, what is the lectres of the primal moving power, which is at the lectires of the endless array of life which we see around us, our own life included?

The preceding lectures have led us step by step to see that the Originating Spirit, which first brought the world into existence, is also the root of our own individuality, and is therefore always ready, by its inherent nature, to continue the creative process from this individual stand-point as soon as the necessary conditions are provided, and these conditions are thought-conditions.

Then it follows that this realization can only be complete where the individual has perfect liberty to withhold it; for otherwise no true realization could have taken place. It sees itself, as it were, reflected in various centres of life and energy, each with its appropriate form; but in the first instance these reflections can have no existence except within the originating Mind.

These are lecfures principles without realizing which it is impossible to proceed further, but assuming that the reader has grasped their significance, we may now go on to consider their application in greater detail. Check out the options available through Archway Publishing. If it is a true maxim that the thing must take form in the thought before the thought can take form in the thing, then it is plain that the Divine Ideal can only be externalized in our objective life in proportion as it is first formed in our thought; tgoward it takes form in our thought only to the extent to which we apprehend its existence in the Divine Mind.

If, then, this idea is clearly grasped, it logically follows from it that the Root of Life is not to be found in the comparison of good and evil, but in vore simple affirmation of the Spirit as the All-creating power of Good. The immense importance of this principle of creation from a single power will become apparent as we realize more fully the results proceeding from the assumption of the opposite principle, or the dualism of the creative power; but as the discussion of this great subject would require a volume to itself, I must, at present, content myself with saying that this insistence of the Bible upon the singleness of the Creative Power is based upon a knowledge which goes to the very root of esoteric principles, and is therefore not to be set aside in favour of dualistic systems, though superficially the latter may appear more consonant to reason.

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This, surely, is a question worthy of our careful consideration. Setchko rated it it was amazing Dec 25, But the figure in the apocalyptic vision is not that of man as we ordinarily know him. Doubtless this will imply changes in our old mode of thinking; but these changes are not forced upon us, they are brought dkre naturally by the new stand-point from which we now see things.

It is that which bath is and is not at the same time, and the thing that answers to this description is “Conditions. This does not mean that we shall reduce ourselves to a condition of apathy, in which all desire, expectation and enthusiasm have been quenched, for these are the mainspring of our mental machinery; but on the contrary their action will be quickened by the knowledge that there is working at the back of them a Formative Principle so infallible that it cannot miss its mark; so that however good and beautiful the existing forms may be, we may always rest in the happy expectation of something still better to come.

They are older than the foundation of the world, for they are those of the Creative Spirit itself; and all through the ages this teaching has been handed down under various forms, the true meaning of which has been perceived only by a few in each generation.

Open Preview See a Problem? Hitherto we have inverted the true order of cause and effect; now, by carefully considering the real nature of the Principle of Causation in itself–causa causans as distinguished from cause causata–we return to the true order and adopt a new method of thinking in accordance with it. In the generic order of being we exercise upon it a force of attraction in accordance with the innate pattern of our particular individuality; and as we begin to realize the Law of this relation, we, in our turn, are attracted towards the Divine along the lines of least resistance, that is on those lines which are most natural to our special bent of mind.

To suppose this is inversion; and we cannot impress upon ourselves too deeply that the relation of the individual to the Divine Spirit is that of a distributor, and not that of the original creator.

But so long as you think this thought it continues to subsist, and necessarily remains present in the Divine Mind, thus fulfilling the logical conditions required for the perpetuation of the individual life. Lawrence Hung rated it it was amazing Feb 27, Then the full expression of Life implies Happiness, and Happiness implies Harmony, and Harmony implies Order, and Order implies Proportion, and Proportion implies Beauty; so that in recognizing the inherent tendency of the Spirit towards the production of Life, we can recognise a similar inherent tendency to the production of these other qualities also; and since the desire to bestow the thoas fulness of joyous life can only be described as Love, we can sum up the whole of the feeling which is the original moving impulse in the Spirit trowadd Love and Beauty–the Spirit finding expression through forms of beauty in centres of life, in harmonious reciprocal relation to itself.

The Dore Lectures on Mental Science are tfoward reading for anyone wishing to understand and yroward the power of the mind.

Thomas Troward – The Dore Lectures on Mental Science – Complete Text at

This is to say that while I trowadd from the insights, the author made use of very lengthy sentences and detailed, sometimes obscure, verbiage which required a thojas degree of concentration on my part. The three preceding lectures have touched upon certain fundamental truths in a definite order–first the nature of the Originating Spirit itself, next the generic relation of the individual to this All-embracing Spirit, and lastly the way to trowad this relation so as to obtain greater results from it than spontaneously arise by its merely generic action, and we have found that this can only be done through a new order of thought.

The creative process brings the materials and conditions for the work to our hands; then we must make use of them with diligence and common-sense–God will provide the food, but He will not cook the dinner. And, since this is so, the primary affirmative factor can only be the Feeling and the Thought of the Universal Spirit. It is that every new creation necessarily carries its own law with it and by that law produces new conditions of its own. He is therefore neither boastful thomxs timorous, but simply works on in cheerful expectancy because he knows llectures his reliance is upon a Law which cannot be broken.


This is precisely the method which has brought forth all the advances of material civilization. The balloon with its freight weighs several hundredweight, yet the introduction of a new factor, the gas, brings with it a law of its own which entirely alters the conditions, and the force of gravity is so completely overcome that the whole mass rises into the air.

He realizes that there trodard a Heart and Mind of the Spirit reciprocal to his own heart and mind, that he is not dealing with a filmy abstraction, nor yet with a mere mathematical sequence, but with something that is pulsating with a Life as warm and vivid and full of interest as his own–nay, more so, for it is the Infinite of all that he himself is.

Your Cart items Cart total. I believe that everybody must regard these as figures under which a recondite sense is concealed. It is this primary originating power thoams we mean when we speak of “The Spirit,” and it is into thomsa Spirit of the whole universe that we must enter if we would reproduce it as a spring of Original Life in ourselves.

The Dore Lectures on Mental Science

When we see this we have realized a general principle, which we find at work everywhere. The whole Bible and the whole history of the world, past, present and future, are contained in embryo in the story of Eden, for they are nothing else than the continuous unfolding of certain great principles which are there allegorically stated. On the other hand this must not lead us into the mistake of supposing that there is nothing higher, for, as we have already seen, this inmost principle or ego is itself the effect of an antecedent cause, for it proceeds from the imaging process in the Divine Mind.

See great eBook deals. If, then, our thought is habitually concentrated upon principles rather than on particular things, realizing that principles are nothing else than the Divine Mind in operation, we shall find that they will necessarily germinate to produce their own expression in corresponding facts, thus verifying the words of the Great Teacher, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.

It is ONE-ness and is not troubled about any second. By the nature of the creative process your mind is itself a thought of the Parent Mind; so, as long as this thought of the Universal Mind subsists, you will subsist, for you are it. It is just here that subconscious mind performs the function of a “bridge” between the finite and the infinite as noted in my “Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science” page 31and it is for this reason that a recognition of its susceptibility to impression is so important.

He does not claim as a personal achievement what the Law does FOR him: John saw in the apocalyptic vision, and which by the very conditions of the case is the Alpha and Omega of Humanity.

Formerly wood was employed instead of iron, because wood floats in water and iron sinks; yet now the navies of the world are built of iron; careful thought showed the law of floatation to be that anything could float which, bulk for bulk, is lighter than the mass of liquid displaced by it; and so we now make iron float by the very same law by which it sinks, because by the introduction of the PERSONAL factor, we provide conditions which do not occur spontaneously–according to the esoteric maxim that “Nature unaided fails.