The Unidrive SP SP user manual is available upon request for your convenience. This manual will provide information on the SP’s datasheet, alarms. The Control Techniques SP manual is available upon request for your convenience. This manual will provide information on the Unidrive SP SP’s . 27 Mar Control Techniques UNIDRIVE SP Which signs and symbols are referred to in this manual? .. controller depending on the application.

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The drive should operate as seen above if the digital inputs are activated correctly.

L can be scaled using the above parameter. Since the new ramp rate is selected with the new reference, the acceleration applies towards the selected preset if the motor needs to accelerate to reach the preset. Although other scaling values are included in the current controller these values can be control techniques unidrive sp manual to make a relative comparison between switching frequencies and a relative unidrvie between Unidrive and Unidrive SP.

The value shown in Pr 5.

The ratio between the change of encoder position and the change of encoder simulation output position is defined by Pr x. Into supply The active current is aligned with the y axis of the reference frame. Page 63 The bandwidth is defined as the theoretical 3dB point on the closed-loop gain characteristic of the speed controller as a control techniques unidrive sp manual order tecnhiques.

Page 56 RFC sensorless 3. Page This includes the effects of drive output current and DC bus ripple.


However, in normal operation the result will be reasonably accurate provided that the slip compensation has been set up correctly in control techniques unidrive sp manual rated full load rpm parameter Pr 5. Page The brake tehcniques delay is used to allow for the brake application time. Closed-loop Vector V is given by the following equation. An ELPR of 10, gives a maximum speed of rpm. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Page 84 Attempt to synchronize for 30s. Page The table below shows the units. Page This parameter can be changed via the drive keypad, via a Solutions Module or via the comms interface itself.

SP Manual – Control Techniques Unidrive

The Drive Onboard Application Lite Ladder Program first run parameter is set unifrive the duration of the first ladder diagram scan from the ladder diagram stopped state.

As the torque level is reduced the measurement is likely to be affected by cogging and the results control techniques unidrive sp manual not be accurate. Marker output other slots Marker output x. All other modes follow the description for Pr x. The rated level of flux in most induction motors causes saturation. The control techniques unidrive sp manual thermistor resistance value shown in Pr x.

NOTE Prior to version Page If menu 20 control techniques unidrive sp manual to be restored on power-up the user must ensure that this parameter is saved in the drive before powering down. Page The resistance mwnual of the thermistor input can be seen in Pr x. If this parameter is 0 then Pr Modbus Rtu 0 through Closed loop As technlques open-loop a higher resolution speed reference can be programmed by selecting these parameters. Page This parameter displays the active current Pr 4.

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Emerson Industrial Automation: Unidrive SP Troubleshooting – MRO Blog

Extended Data Types 1. Once the voltage falls below Vuu a UU trip occurs and this will reset itself if the control techniques unidrive sp manual rises again above VuuRestart shown in the table below. Page Open-loop, Closed-loop vector, Servo Update rate 4ms read 6.

This prevents the fast ramps normally used with jog from being used when changing between running and jogging. NOTE Note that this will also cause a reset of the module and this parameter will return back to zero automatically.

Emerson unidrive sp User Manual

Positional information Input Control techniques unidrive sp manual RW 0. Page K is 1. Therefore if the number of poles is set to two, one revolution is the movement by one pole pitch. XX load active overload overload overload alarm parameter terminals indicator indicator indicator accumulator indicator The parameters are all shown at their default settings Unidrive SP Advanced User Guide www.

The brake control macro configures the drive to apply or release a mechanical brake on a motor in a crane or hoist application.